Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) SystemAdvanced Metering Infrastructure

Flow Meter activity is based on in-house researches, patented and awarded innovations, making a step forward towards advanced smart metering systems.

Flow Meter develops the full range of activities from the idea to the manufacturing process. We develop smart meters for water, heat and gas consumers. Our smart meters comply with the local environmental as well as globalized legislation, as a consequence of the degradation of water sources that is subject to an international program established by the Bonn Charter for the safe drinking water.

Features & Benefits

  • Simultaneous indexes reading
  • Water supply cut-off for one or several individuals
  • Water supply limitation for one or several individuals
  • Dispersed or large areas systems
  • Software management
  • Billing process
  • Water flow remote control
  • Automatic losses detection
  • Warning messages for problems
  • Real-time reading and calculation

Common Problems of Water Meter Systems

  • Errors of registering the consumption indexes
  • Water loss
  • Malfunctions of the water meters
  • Defrauding of the water meter indexes
  • Incorrect reading of the consumption
  • Not reading the indexes simultaneous
  • Not making the calculations in real time

The ROVERIS AMI System Parts

Water Meters (S) with the characteristics:

  • Single jet with electronic totalizer
  • It incorporates a radio modul (RF)
  • Electronic linearization and precision class R160


  • The interface with the concentrator can be through Bluetooth or through 3G module
  • Sends the data directly to a web server

The data base for the information received from water meters

  • Concentrator
  • Power supply
  • Mobile
  • Web server
  • Memory
  • S1, S2, …Sn
  • RF+uC
  • 3G

ROVERIS AMI is an integrated management system that provides:

  • RF bidirectional communication
  • Real time of utilities consumption management using a software that registers the consumption data in a web-server and performs the billing process
  • Real time flow control using electro-valves
  • Automatically loss detection
  • Data reading mobile and fixed network
  • Electronic totalizer
  • The power of radio TX module is increased (up to 100mW)
  • The sensitivity of the Rx module is improved (up to -140 dBm using LoRa modulation)
  • A fixed reader will be used and the date will be sent by a 3G network to a web-server
  • No operator need in order to perform the reading
  • Automatically verification and calibration on a dedicated test-bench
  • Linearization and correction of the metrological characteristics increasing the accuracy class
  • Bidirectional communication

We can provide full project solutions

According to the client specifications, Silicon Service can provide Hardware & Software Solutions.