SEM – Music solutions for businesses worldwideMUSIC, SOFTWARE & HARDWARE SOLUTIONS

S.E.M is offering music services including software & hardware solutions for businesses worldwide. By customizing and fitting the contents to the business, we are enhancing the image and the brand of the business.

Why SEM?

  • Hi-End Technology: A cutting edge dynamic software platform which consists of an online media transfer tool & a media player for your business. We worked extra hard to make it the most user friendly interface one might encounter.
  • Our staff is great at what they are doing. A combination of computer experts with music experts creates a high quality product and service.
  • Great Service: 24/7 Availability. We are always there for you.
  • Fresh, young, contemporary yet mature music editing, the perfect combination for your business.

SEM - Music Services

S.E.M is creating an individual business profile, which sets the route for customizing the contents to the specific business.

We offer customized playlists in every music genre one might desire. By customizing and fitting the contents to the business, we are enhancing the image and the brand of the business.

We’ve handpicked the best music from both A-list and indie artists. We take the best out of each era to bring you the essential sounds from both old and modern times.

The contents are collected, sorted and edited by the chief music editor who controls a wide spectrum of music genres.

Content updates are being carried automatically on a weekly basis.

Our audio files consists of a very high quality audio tracks (lossless).

Key Features

  • User friendly interface
  • Auto volume balance
  • Auto cross-fade mix
  • Auto weekly playlist schedule
  • MP3/FLAC/M4A file format support
  • License Protection
  • Advanced Search Options
  • Advanced browsing
  • Album art display
  • Metadata support
  • Shuffle/Loop/Randomize
  • Edit Playlist

Software platform

S.E.M has developed a unique software system which consists of an online synchronization mechanism and a media player capble of managing, organizing and operating audio contents, automatically or manually. The contents are transferred throughout our online servers, to the business’s designated computer, anywhere, anytime, without the need of human intervention.

Interested in Our Product?

According to the client specifications, Silicon Service can provide Hardware, Software and Graphical Solutions