Analog Block


Analog Block

Analog blocks that Silicon Service can build include ADC/DAC, Amplifiers, Drivers, Buffers, Reference circuits, Voltage Doublers or Multipliers, Voltage Regulators, Filters, PLL or DLL, special purpose I/O cells, special purpose analog cells.

Some of the analog blocks we have developed include:

  • 8 bit DAC cell on TSMC 0.13;
  • PLL with 100MHz output;
  • Variable gain amplifier with gain from -6 to 42 dB in a 6dB step;
  • Band Gap reference cell with 0.7±2% V;
  • External Line driver with limiting current;
  • Power on reset cell on 3.3V and 1.8 V supply;
  • Low drop-out voltage regulator with various current capabilities;
  • Security cell for protecting the chip against outside attack.

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