Digital Design Verification


Digital Design Verification

Our expertise centers around digital design verification. Our engineers combine thorough competencies in the latest design verification technologies with applied knowledge of legacy tools and flows. Their in-depth knowledge and prior experience can be leveraged by our clients to develop tailored solutions that suit their needs or to utilize, maintain and improve their existing solutions.

The main core of outsourcing services consists of a large team of design verification engineers, with experience in various areas of both IP and SoC level verification.

Technical competencies:

  • System Verilog, C/C++, ASM, scripting languages 
  • UVM methodology 

Areas of competency:

  • IP, Core, SoC level verification 
  • Performance and Security 
  • Low-Power Verification and UPF 
  • Power Management 


  • Verification environment management (creation, updates, integration)
  •  Verification components development, optimization and maintenance (includes monitors, checkers, scoreboards)
  •  Test plan development
  •  Stimulus development and maintenance
  •  Coverage development, collection and analysis
  •  Various analysis and development tasks (debugging, optimizations)
  •  IP integration and bringup
  •  Emulator verification expertise
  •  DFX IPs for x64 architecture

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