Silicon Service 2.0

Silicon Service benefits from the quality manpower of Iași and the ability of its universities to develop a new and talented generation of engineers and the advantages of Iași as a dynamic and central city.

Silicon Service is now turning to new markets, advanced technologies in the field of semiconductor component testing, using Automatic Testing Equipment (ATE) and will continue to be a habitat for technological excellence and involvement in training the future Hi-Tech generation of Romania.

Silicon Service 1.0

After more than a decade of fruitful collaboration between Silicon Service and AMD (USA), AMD has decided to expand its operations in Europe and open a significant technological presence in Romania based on the infrastructures put in place by Silicon Service. From this point on we started to transition into Silicon Service 2.0.

You’ve never seen a team like this.

We draw from the many talents of our Silicon family to guarantee the quality you’re expecting.

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