Rising up to the challenge

After more than 20 years of working on innovative projects and in the constantly developing area of combined hardware and software solutions, Silicon Service has made an important change in its technological field. From ASIC design, developing new generations of graphics cards and Digital Design Verification, we’re now the only testing centre for integrated circuits from the Eastern Europe.

Silicon Service is aiming to conquer new markets, handle projects in it’s own well known way of delivering the best, the fastest and the most reliable service possible. Together with our partners and with a skilled team of professionals we’re confident that Silicon Service is now in a better position than ever.

We are still closely tied to local universities, as our doors are always open to students who come for courses and even become interns in our company. Some of them joined us in this new adventure and we’re developing our skills every day, together with them.

Meet our team



With an academic background working as a professor, Octavian handled the R&D department until recently. With a strong responsability on his hands to implement the ATS as a new technological direction for Silicon Service, he defines his work as “creating the testing environment for the microchips of the future”



Having a background in Psychology, Roxana joined our team where she can put into practice a lot of what she studied in college. Recruiting in IT in Romania is one of the most challenging jobs for a specialist, as the market is extremely dynamic. Yet, she’s not into headhunting, but rather finding the right position for the right people and keeping happy by understanding their needs within the company.



Acting as the manager of the software development department, Igor is the one making sure that the services provided by Silicon Service are of the highest possible level in terms of quality and, of course, delivered on time. In his spare time he studies AI which he has already implemented in our company.



A passionate chess player, awarded for his school projects and getting ready to complete his studies in Electronics, Andrei is a new member of the Silicon Service family where both hardware and software are at stake every day.

“Everything around us is made out of components; once manufactured they need to be tested so we can know if they’re indeed good to be used – and this is where we come in”



Part of the group of students who have recently joined the Silicon Service team, Narcis is passionate about circuits, cabling and DIB microchips. He thinks that ATS, the new technology that our company is working on, will have a “strong contribution to the development of the future”



Started working at Silicon Service 2 years ago with a scholarship, he’s now in his final year of his BS studies. Once part of the R&D department, he’s looking forward to joining the ATS team; intrigued but also fully aware that this new technology is a very good opportunity to develop his skills as a young engineer.



After finishing her studies, Ionica started working with Silicon Service and has been doing so for the last 15 years. Also teaching at the University during this time, she is the link between our company and the students that we need to train and raise as true engineers. The fact that our company will soon become a unique testing center in this part of Europe makes her enthusiastic about the huge number of students that will want to work with us in the following years.



Currently a student working on his graduate thesis in Electronics, he’s implementing AI and neural networks in video data processing. He has a heart for bringing his knowledge in front of the new hires. “In theory things should work in a certain way, but in practice it’s not always the same; so we’re testing to check how close the practice is to the theoretical side”



Ilan is best described in his own words: I am a curious man, interested in technology and culture. Came here for a few-year task, fell in love in Romania and now it is for life.

“No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it’s not the same river and he’s not the same man.” (Heraclitus)



Working at Silicon Service for more than 6 years, Paula is the one handling all the new changes that our company had to deal with, while making sure the transition goes smoothly. Recently she started being interested in Psychology and one of her greatest skills is being able to make decisions really fast while also being a very good listener.

Our values


In our clients, in ourselves, and in each other.

We strive to consistently perform well over time, making sure that clients can depend upon us again and again.


Listen, really listen and then do something about it.

We believe that empathy allows us to improve our capacity to connect with people, maintain positive working relationships and help us anticipate what are our coworkers’ and customers’ needs. We make sure to give a hand to the community of people surrounding us.


We aim high!

We are dedicated to quality and innovation. We aim to go through challenges as a team, to always improve ourselves, to keep up with advancing technology and always achieve our objectives.


Treating everyone with respect and dignity is part of our way of life.

We promote an individual’s right to be different. We are responsible for both our and others’ actions to ensure that everyone has access to the same opportunities and the same fair treatment.


A harmonious work environment.

We are respectful, honest, and patient with our colleagues and clients. 

We have a strong work ethic and aim to produce high-quality work constantly.