The world we live in is relying on technology. Be it education, economy or even culture, any area you can think of is now dependent on but also developing using hardware tools and software apps. And they’re all built up using small bits and pieces, of code or of circuits. Mass production of components and further on the products themselves cannot work without testing each part.

ATS, the new technology service that Silicon Service will provide to its clients, will follow two major directions: testing samples delivered to us by the clients and also testing limited batches of already mass produced integrated circuits.

Our capacity of adapting to each product and client’s needs makes us one of the important companies from the entire chain of production. Fabless producers will be able to find in Silicon Service a provider of testing routines and also a test environment of physical samples of circuits which can be sent afterwards to the mass production sites from anywhere in the world.

We can also accommodate the needs of a client which has batches of limited series of products that need to be tested before being put on the market or used in the wider context of more complex products. Testing the electrical functionality, frequencies and tensions, and also developing the software infrastructure that will validate the parameters of each component that your company has worked on – this is the new business direction of Silicon Service.

Together with our renowned areas of expertise, software development, integration projects and hardware, Automated Test System is now enlarging our list of services.